2U Sheet metal box Rackmount Chassis

2U OEM Aluminum Economical rackmount chassis,an attractive hot selling product used by customers in the market,with good quality and competitive price, having a good reputation.
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Product Details


Product Description:

  1. Model name: 2U Sheet metal box Rackmount Chassis

  2. Commerdity NO.: HF-B-41

  3. Dimension: 133*482.6*300mm

  4. Standard: Upon engineer drawings required

  5. Surface treatment: Painting

  6. Payment Term: T/T, Western Union

  7. Service: Drilling/Installation/Painting/OEM/ODM

   8.Used: Instrument Equipment


Company service:


Our package:



 1.Why  your mold opening is so expensive?

    A:Our main business is the outer casing, the mold part is the matching additional service, not relying on the mold profit, so our mold price is much lower than the market price, we almost charge the processing.

2. Why the unit price has not changed much when we buy it for several times?

   A:Now the processing cost and raw material cost are constantly increasing. You are an old customer and you have added the quantity. I am only going to negotiate with the company and will not raise the price for you. Otherwise, all the orders of the company will be raised by at least 15 point

3. Can you draw the picture first and then I confirm the order and pay the order?

    A:Sure, we will make the processing drawings first. After you confirm it, we will process the order, but the drawing is costly. Under the bulk order, I will directly pay you the purchase price. We haven’t started the cooperation until  we cost money first. If you are our old customers, I will definitely not ask you to cost the money, this is only a guarantee for our cooperation. 

4.What's  your company's core tenet?

A:Our core tenet is to be customer-oriented, to serve our customers all the time, to provide quality services to our customers, and to provide relevant after-sales service issues.


Our company is a leading manufacturer of aluminum/metal/plastic enclosures for more than 20 years, with high quality and competitive price.

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