Aluminum Desktop Case Electronic Metal Amplifier Enclosure Box

Customized dimensions of aluminum case,accept custom powder coating,cutouts and silkscreen print logo
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Product Details

Characteristics of extrusion aluminum enclosure:

1, Has the function of shielding the signal.

2, It can play the role of heat conduction and heat dissipation, so there are usually some heat dissipation design on the surface of the profile, which is used to increase the heat dissipation area of aluminum so as to better achieve the heat dissipation effect. , More textured.

3, There will be a slot for the PCB board inside the profile, which is used for more convenient and stable fixing of the PCB board. The PCB board is gently pushed to complete it, which saves assembly costs and timeliness to a certain extent. Usually the specifications of the card slot are 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm

Product Description

1. Material: Aluminum sheet

2. Size: 380*440*170mm(size can be customized)

3. Customized : size, color of surface treatment,drilling holes etc.

4. Color: Light gray (can be customized as on request)

5.Drilling Holes: all of our stocked products without any holes(can be customized)


Model No.External Size(H*W*D) mmModel No.External Size(H*W*D) mm
Please contact us for more custom requirements !

Precautions for mass production

1, On bulk orders
The width and weight of the enclosures are immutable, and the enclosures can be machined according to the requirement.

2, Bulk order price
The price setting is based on the specific length you need to make, and the difficulty and quantity of processing required.

3, Drawing documents required for order
We need CAD files for machine drawing, silk screen or laser need CorelDraw file, if not, the company has a professional design team to solve the problem of design drawings.

Please provide the PCB board of the welded electronic components to us.

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