Aluminum Electronic PCB box Instrument Case

Aluminum Electronic PCB box Instrument Case is a normal enclosure for electronic products,holes,colors and logos can be customized according to customers' request.
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Production description:

  1. Model name: Aluminum Electronic PCB box Instrument Case

  2. Item NO.: HF-A-200

  3. External size: 41*128*160

  4. Protection Level: IP54

  5. Brand name: Hongfa

  6. Place of origin: Guangdong, China

  7. Type: Control box


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1. Why can't I make cash on delivery? Is it reasonable to pay the money in one hand? If the first payment is not delivered, there is no guarantee!

  A:I am not willing to pay with you, this is my financial system, I am powerless, my company did not open the courier collection business, or I will give you a courier sample, then you will pay me after acceptance, rest assured that I The company has been in Shenzhen for nearly 20 years and relies on credit.

2. Your price report is too outrageous. Other manufacturers give me XX yuan. How do you get so much difference? I have made a few batches of this.

  A:How come, you are the price of how many years ago, now the labor, materials, rent, and various production links have risen a lot, and you still have to compare that price, of course, there is a difference in this price. Can't do it, our business can make less, but we must not lose money.


3. There was a problem with the last shipment. Can this order guarantee quality and delivery?

  A:We can rest assured that the reason for the last problem has been found and solved. I will follow up the production process and progress on this order to ensure that these problems will not occur again.

4. What is the price of your aluminum plate/iron plate material?

  A:Now the price of the plate is very high, the market is very volatile, and it has been continuing to rise recently. The exact amount is not particularly clear now.

    We are a leading manufacturer of aluminum/metal/plastic enclosures for more than 20 years, with high quality and competitive price.

What's more, we could accept customized orders as soon as possible.

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