All-aluminum Mini Computer Mini-itx Chassis Control Box

This mini computer case is made up of aluminum profiles and aluminum panels. .
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Product Details

The main parameter:

Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure For Software Defined Radio

Model No.: HF-F-4

Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum Alloy and aluminum sheets

Dimensions: 196.6*196.6*custom depth

                    110.4*110.4*custom depth

                    145.6*145.6*custom depth

                    37*175*custom length

                    29*151*custom length

                    45*128*134*custom depth

                    49*224*custom length


1, All-aluminum body, efficient noise reduction.

2, Fast heat dissipation。

3 Powder coating: White, black, bronze, grey, green, etc . Powder coating thickness is more than 60um.

4, Machining: Cutting, punching, drilling, bending, weld, mill, CNC, etc.Drawing format: CAD, STP, PDF etc.



The main process:


Surface treatment: various colors of wire drawing oxidation, drilling, silk screen or laser engraving.

Note: The product is packaged in a mixed package and is not packaged separately

Application Show:


Precautions for mass production:

1, On bulk orders

The width and weight of the enclosures are immutable, and the enclosures can be machined according to the requirement.

2, Bulk order price

The price setting is based on the specific length you need to make, and the difficulty and quantity of processing required.

3, Drawing documents required for order

We need CAD files for machine drawing, silk screen or laser need CorelDraw file, if not, the company has a professional design team to solve the problem of design drawings.

Please provide the PCB board of the welded electronic components to us.