Aluminum Electrical Extruded Profile Box

Aluminum electrical Extruded Box Custom Aluminum Enclosure
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Product Details

The main parameter:

Aluminum electrical Extruded Box Machining Custom Aluminum Enclosure


1. Grade:Aluminum 6063-T5

2. Size:23*32*110mm(length can be customized)

3. Customized : Length part, color of surface treatment,drilling holes etc.

4. Color: silver (can be customized as on request)


5.Drilling Holes: all of our stocked products without any holes(can be customized)

OEM&ODM service: various of existing box in store, professional design team

Drawing format: CAD, STP, PDF etc





aluminum controller housing.jpg

Order Process:

Customization Parts

1, Sign a contract

You need to pay, and you can consult an online customer service.


2, Design drawings

Customers can provide drawings or processing requirements or PCB board.

The general product can be finish the preliminary drawing design within 7 days.


3, Customer confirmation

After the design is finished, we will provide 2D or 3D drawings to the customer to confirm that if there are any problems, we will continue to modify them to satisfactory ones.


4, Production

After the drawings are confirmed, they will be produced and submitted in a reasonable time according to the difficulty coefficient of the product.


5, Sample confirmation

If there are any problem with the sample products, the company is responsible for modifying it free of charge. If customers need to change, they will charge a fee.

Precautions for mass production:

1, On bulk orders

The width and weight of the enclosures are immutable, and the enclosures can be machined according to the requirement.


2, Bulk order price

The price setting is based on the specific length you need to make, and the difficulty and quantity of processing required.


3, Drawing documents required for order

We need CAD files for machine drawing, silk screen or laser need CorelDraw file, if not, the company has a professional design team to solve the problem of design drawings.

Please provide the PCB board of the welded electronic components to us.

Enclosures, Boxes, & Cases are available at Hongfa Mould Company from industry leading manufacturers.