Aluminum Enclosure For Controller Junction Box

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Model No.:HF-A-103
ColorGray or custom color
External Size  110*110*Custom depth(mm), depth can be customized
Material Aluminum alloy
StandardUpon engineer drawings required
Grade6000 Series T5
Customized Length part, color of surface treatment,drilling holes etc.
Drilling HolesAll of our stocked products without any holes(can be customized)

   Dimensions can be customized depend on customer's requirement

Products Show:


A-103 sizeA-103 (02)


1, All-aluminum body, efficient noise reduction.

2, Fast heat dissipation。

3 Powder coating: White, black, bronze, grey, green, etc . Powder coating thickness is more than 60um.

4, Machining: Cutting, punching, drilling, bending, weld, mill, CNC, etc.Drawing format: CAD, STP, PDF etc.

Machining steps:

machining steps.jpg


aluminum box used area.jpg

Precautions for mass production:

1, On bulk orders

The width and weight of the enclosures are immutable, and the enclosures can be machined according to the requirement.

2, Bulk order price

The price setting is based on the specific length you need to make, and the difficulty and quantity of processing required.

3, Drawing documents required for order

We need CAD files for machine drawing, silk screen or laser need CorelDraw file, if not, the company has a professional design team to solve the problem of design drawings.

Please provide the PCB board of the welded electronic components to us.

Packing Details:

We packing our goods in transparent plastic bags or single packing with pearl cotton and brown cartons.


Shipment way: DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT ETC. Once we ship the goods, we will provide you the tracking number next day.

Shipping charges: Shipping rates quoted are estimates only. Shipping charges are calculated by our courier's automated system.