Aluminum GPS Tracker Enclosure Electronic Project Box

Extrusion box aluminum enclosure case for electronics
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Product Details

The main parameter:

(1) Product:

Precision pcb extrusion box aluminum enclosure case for electronics

(2) Model No.: HF-A-2

(3) Surface treatment: Anodized, Powder Coating with Brushing, Sandblasting etc.

(4) Size:41*147*160mm

(5) Custom Service: OEM and ODM, surface treatment and printing logos etc.

(6) High moisture resistance and excellent mechanical protection.


The main production process:

main process aluminum enclosure.jpg

Related Product:

electronic aluminum enclosures products.jpg

OEM Service:

1. Made of Al6063;

2. Slots in the extrusion enclosure for fixing PCB and components and parts;

3. Surface treatment: anodizing, painting, powder coating, etc;

4. Good show on electro magnetic compatibility(EMC), corrosion resistance, fine appearance, good dissipation;

5. Color: Black, silver, grey, etc (can be customized as on request);

6. Widely used in communication, medical treatment, photo-electric, safety, instruments and meters.

Precautions for mass production

1, On bulk orders

The width and weight of the enclosures are immutable, and the enclosures can be machined according to the requirement.


2, Bulk order price

The price setting is based on the specific length you need to make, and the difficulty and quantity of processing required.


3, Drawing documents required for order

We need CAD files for machine drawing, silk screen or laser need CorelDraw file, if not, the company has a professional design team to solve the problem of design drawings.

Please provide the PCB board of the welded electronic components to us.

Company Information:


 company information


More than 20 years' production experience.

Advanced tech equipment and design ability.

OEM can be done according to your highly requirements.

Like: drilling, painting, punching, silkscreen print and laser engraving.


1. What kind of material can you produce?

ABS, PP, PC( Polycarbonate ), Al6063, Die Cast Aluminum, Iron, Steel Stainless, etc.

2. What kind of accessories can you provide?

End plates, silicone gasket, mounting brackets, cable gland, screws, etc.

3. What kind of service can you provide?

Drilling, silkscreen printing, laser marking, painting, design, OEM/ODM Service, etc.

4. What about the transportation?


5. Can you customize the new design for us?

Yeah, welcome to develop new mould with us, including OEM & ODM!

6. Can you provide us the detail drawing for us?

Drawings from website is just for reference, for more correct info and special requirements, pls feel free to contact with us.