Control Panel Metal Enclosure Box

Control panel metal enclosure box,which is a kind of practical and useful products used for electronic device.
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Product Details

Item description:

  1. Model name: Control panel metal enclosure box

  2. Cargo NO.:HF-A-169

  3. Dimension: 45*70mm*or custom

  4. Color: Silver or custom

  5. Brand name: Hongfa

  6. Thickness: Enclosure 1.0 to 4.0mm

  7. Surface treatment: Powder Coating

Model photo:

Main products:


The application:

waterproof applicaation

The delivery:



1. How is proofing so expensive?

 A:The proofing fee will be higher. We are the factory. All orders must be first out of the construction drawing. Every step needs to debug the mechanical equipment to confirm the accuracy. If you want to take a sample, I have to do a lot of talents. In the sample, all the production procedures have to be repeated. The price of all the production costs will be put up on a sample. The proof is an opportunity to work together. It is necessary for both parties to pay. We can’t rely on proofing to make money. Yes, but I can't do it at a loss, so please understand


2. What is the difference in the life of the mold?

  A:The life of the mold is the normal number of plastic goods and the normal number of metal molds. The number of good molds is much. The normal service life of plastic molds is 20W. Our family can reach 30W times. If you have been Then we can buy beer, mold, I can guarantee you to use for life, no maintenance and maintenance costs, even if the mold is not used, we will pay you to open, do not let you pay the second time

3. Your spot price is only this price, how can I make a large amount of expensive?

   A:Our minimum stocking is based on tens of thousands of sets, and there is no other processing cost of production is very low, the spot is our lowest price.

4. Iron plate and aluminum plate, how thick are you generally?

  A:This is based on the size and functional requirements of your product. Our plate specifications are very complete.

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Most importantly, we can accept customized orders as soon as possible.