IP54 Aluminum Enclosure Housing

IP54 Aluminum Enclosure Housing, which is a kind of attractive hot aelling product in the market,with good quality and competitive price, having a good reputation.Welcome you to visit our company.
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Product Details

Product description:

  1. Model name: IP54 Aluminum Enclosure Housing

  2. Item NO.: HF-A-291

  3. Dimension:58*180*130mm(or custom)

  4. Type: Junction box

  5. Standard: Upojn engineer drawings or other metal material

  6. Color: Gray or custom

  7. certification: SGS

   8.Surface treatment: Anodizing

Main items:


Company service:


The packing:



1. How to charge for opening?

  A:Opening is required to be comprehensively calculated according to the shape and quantity of your specific processing hole.

2. What is the difference in the life cycle of the mold?

  A:The life cycle of the mold is the normal number of plastic goods and the normal number of metal molds. The number of good molds is much. The normal service life of plastic molds is 20W. Our family can reach 30W times. If you have been purchasing our products all the time , Then we can guarantee you can use the mould forever, no maintenance and maintenance costs, even if the mold is not used, we will pay you to open, do not let you pay the second time

3. Can you draw the picture first and then I confirm the order and pay the order?

  A:Sure, we will make the processing drawings first. After you confirm it, we will process the order, but the drawing is costly. Under the bulk order, I will directly pay you the purchase price. We haven’t started the cooperation until  we cost money first. If you are our old customers, I will definitely not ask you to cost the money, this is only a guarantee for our cooperation.

4. You first invoice me, after I receive the ticket, I will arrange the payment for you?

  A:Sorry, so our finances can't pass, so it doesn't meet the tax regulations. How can I open a ticket for you without paying for it? Please understand


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