Electronic Aluminium Project Box

Electronic Aluminium Project Box

Electronic aluminium project box,which is a kind of popular product used by people in the market, with super quality and favoriable price, enjoys a good repulation almost customers.
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Product Details

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Main Description:

  1. Commodity Name:Electronic aluminium project box  

  2. Measure Size:31*130*160mm

  3. Medel NO.: HF-A-81

  4. Drawing: PDF/CAD/JPG etc

  5. Service: OEM/ODM

  6. Payment Term: T/T or Paypal

  7. Production Level: IP54

  8. MOQ:1pcs( custom:50pcs)

Main Process:

main processing


1:What's your company's core tenet?

    A:Our core tenet is to be customer-oriented, to serve our customers all the time, to provide quality services to our customers, and to provide relevant after-sales service issues.

2. Can you first invoice me, after I receive the ticket, I will arrange the payment for you?

    A:Sorry, so our finances can't pass, so it doesn't meet the tax regulations. How can I open a ticket for you without paying for it? Please understand

3. I have chosen several manufacturers to compare, how to judge the quality of your home is better than other homes?

    A:Firstly,our company specializes in housing processing in Shenzhen for nearly 20 years. We are very special, so the professional level is unquestionable. Secondly,all the superior professional equipment involved in our processing are fully equipped. Such as laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, etc..No good equipment can not produce high-quality products, so please come to our factory to visit, so you can easily judge that we are your best manufacturer.

4.  Why the time for the shell to be made is too long?

    A:The time I give you is the necessary processing cycle period. At this point, we are the same. I also want to receive the money as soon as possible, but we can’t do it in order to keep up with the quality.

5. How weight power injections do you have?

    A:Our injection molding machine has four various: 100T, 200T, 250T, 350T,.


We are specializing in manufacture and export of aluminium alloy enclosure/sheet metal enclosure/plastic waterproof enclosure/ mould for about 20 years, with thousands of products for your reference.

Most importantly, we can accept customized orders for the products you wanted.