Aluminium Amplifier Case For Electronic

Aluminium amplifier case for electronic,which is a kind of hot selling product purchased by customers in the global market.
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Product Details


The main parameter:

1.Item name: Aluminium amplifier case for electronic

2.Model NO.:HF-A-118

3.External size:25.7(H)*71.5(W)*110(L)mm

4.Brand name: HongFA ShunDa

5.Surface treatment: Anodizing

6.Color: Silver or customized

The main process:


The main application:


The package:



Q1.How expensive is your mold opening?

  A:Our main business is the outer casing, the mold part is the matching additional service, not relying on the mold profit, so our mold price is much lower than the market price, we almost charge the processing

Q2. Your price report is too outrageous. Other manufacturers give me XX yuan. How do you get so much difference? I have made a few batches of this.

  A:How come, you are the price of how many years ago, now the labor, materials, rent, and various production links have risen a lot, and you still have to compare that price, of course, there is a difference in this price. Can't do it, our business can make less, but we must not lose money.

Q3. How many times the unit price has not changed much?

  A:Now the processing cost and raw material cost are constantly increasing. You are an old customer and you have added the quantity. I am only going to negotiate with the company and will not raise the price for you. Otherwise, all the orders of the company will be raised by at least 15 point

Q4. The samples are free, do you still have to collect money?

  A:If the sample is free, it can only be our old customers. The company has a record for our samples to go out. It is really not that I don't want to. In fact, the company has this rule, which is understandable. We face the whole country. Customers, all the customers consulted, we will send the sample how much to send, so that the estimated company has long been sent

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