Hardware Desktop Enclosure Extrusion

Hardware desktop enclosure extrusion, which is a kind of attractive hot aelling product in the market,with good quality and competitive price
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Product Details

The main parameter:

  1. Product name: Hardware desktop enclosure extrusion

  2. Item NO.: HF-A-281

  3. Size:30*90*110mm(or custom)

  4. Type: Junction box

  5. Standard: Upojn engineer drawings or other metal material

  6. Color: Gray or custom

  7. Used: Electronic device

The process:


Company profile:


The packing:


1. The time for the shell to be made is too long, right?

   A:The time I give you is the necessary processing cycle period. At this point, we are the same. I also want to receive the money as soon as possible, but we can’t do it in order to keep up with the quality

2. Why the product’s length less, The price is not relatively reduce? or it is almost unreasonable! How to calculate?

  A:The expensive product is expensive for it’s produce process. Nowadays, the labor and production costs are high, your processing has not changed, and the price of the less defects will not change significantly.


3. I have chosen several manufacturers to compare, how to judge the quality of your home is better than other homes?

  A:Firstly,our company specializes in housing processing in Shenzhen for nearly 20 years. We are very special, so the professional level is unquestionable. Secondly,all the superior professional equipment involved in our processing are fully equipped. Such as laser cutting machine, CNC machining center, etc..No good equipment can not produce high-quality products, so please come to our factory to visit, so you can easily judge that we are your best manufacturer.

4. There was a problem with the last shipment. Can this order guarantee quality and delivery?

  A:We can assure that the reason for the last problem has been found and solved. I will go to workshop to check the production process and progress on this order to ensure that these problems will not occur again.


    Our company is a specializing in manufacture and export of hardware or plastics enclosure for about 20 years, with thousands of products for your reference.

The bigger order you make, the lower price you will get.

What's more,accept customized orders.