Anodized extruded aluminum heatsink enclosure

Manufacture aluminum housing electronic, which is a kind of attractive hot aelling product in the market,with good quality and competitive price, having a good reputation.
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Product Parameter:

  1. Model name: Anodized extruded aluminum heatsink enclosure

  2. Item NO.: HF-A-41

  3. Dimension:53*105*160mm(or custom)

  4. Type: Electronic Junction box

  5. Standard: Upojn engineer drawings or other metal material

  6. Place of origin: Shenzhen, China

  7. certification: SGS

   8.Surface treatment: Anodizing

Main items:



1. How to charge for opening?

  A:Opening is required to be comprehensively calculated according to the shape and quantity of your specific processing hole.

2. Your price report is too outrageous. Other manufacturers give me XX yuan. How do you get so much difference? I have made a few batches of this.

  A:How come, you are the price of how many years ago, now the labor, materials, rent, and various production links have risen a lot, and you still have to compare that price, of course, there is a difference in this price. Can't do it, our business can make less, but we must not lose money.

3. Why can't I make cash on delivery? Is it reasonable to pay the money in one hand? If the first payment is not delivered, there is no guarantee!

  A:It’s not my willing to pay with you, this is our company’s financial system stipulation, I am powerless, my company did not open the courier collection business. We will give you a courier sample, if you can pay us after you accept the sample.It’s the guarantee that our company has been in Shenzhen for nearly 20 years and  we rely on credit.

4. How is cheaper in aluminum enclosure and sheet metal casings?

  A:The overall appearance of the profile will be better, but the mold is needed. The material of the sheet metal is slightly cheaper but the processing fee will be higher. Therefore, it is necessary to judge at the functional requirements of your product before, and finally, there is no difference between them.

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