Metal Box Enclosure Electronic

Metal box enclosure electronic, whose company established in 2007, the company has been keeping the operating philosophy of ‘Honest, Innovative, Customer-oriented, Human-oriented, and Benefit-based’, following the operation strategy of ‘Quality, Innovation, and Services’ and taking the advantage of others to create benefit with high-efficiency management
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Product Details

The main parameter:

Product name: Metal box enclosure electronic

Code NO.: HF-A-148

External size: 43.2*146*160

Application: Industrial Electric

Function: Install Circuit Board

Packing Details: Single packing

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 1. Are others all free packing? I bought so much without shipping?

  A:The quality of our products is excellent, (plastic is a new environmentally friendly ABS material), the price itself is very low, and it is really impossible to pack.

2. Iron plate and aluminum plate, how thick are you generally?

  A:This is based on the size and functional requirements of your product. Our plate specifications are very complete.

3. We need to be very anxious about this thing. Can you help arrange production first?

   A:I will help you out as much as possible, but to be honest, I can't guarantee you. If you are in a hurry, I can only arrange production to arrange for you to work overtime, but this will incur costs, so I suggest you Consider it, don't worry about it if you are not very anxious.

4. The time for the shell to be made is too long, right?

   A:The time I give you is the necessary processing cycle. At this point, we are the same. I also want to receive the money as soon as possible, but we can't do it in order to keep up with the quality.

 Our company is specializing in manufacture and export of hardware or plastics enclosure for about 20 years,  OEM/ODM by ourselves with thousands of products for your reference.