OEM Enclosure For Power Supply

OEM enclosure for power supply,which is a kind of hot selling product in the market, having excellent quality and competitive price.
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Product Details

Product Description:

  1. Model name: OEM enclosure for power supply

  2. Code NO.: HF-A-396

  3. Deminsion: 151*29*160mm

  4. Brand name: Hongfa

  5. Type: Junction Box

  6. Color: Gray or custom

  7. Surface Treatment: Anodizing

  8. Place of origin: Shenzhen,China

Company Profile:


Main application:

waterproof applicaation

Package and Delivery:



1. Why proofing is so expensive?

  A:The proofing fee will be higher. We are the factory. All orders must be first out of the construction drawing. Every step needs to debug the mechanical equipment to confirm the accuracy. If you want to take a sample, I have to do a lot of talents. During making the sample, all the production procedures have to be repeated. The price of all the production costs will be put up on a sample. The proof is an opportunity to work together. It is necessary for both parties to pay. We can’t rely on proofing to make money. 

2. What is the tonnage of die-cast aluminum?

   A:The tonnage of die-cast aluminum is 180T, 200T, 400T, 500T, 800T

3. Why can't I make cash on delivery? Is it reasonable to pay the money in one hand? If the first payment is not delivered, there is no guarantee!

  A:It’s not my willing to pay with you, this is our company’s financial system stipulation, I am powerless, my company did not open the courier collection business. We will give you a courier sample, if you can pay us after you accept the sample.It’s the guarantee that our company has been in Shenzhen for nearly 20 years and  we rely on credit

4. You first invoice me, after I receive the ticket, I will arrange the payment for you?

  A:Sorry, so our finances can't pass, so it doesn't meet the tax regulations. How can I open a ticket for you without paying for it? Please understand

we are specializing in manufacture and export of hardware or plastics enclosure/sheet matal housing for about 20 years, with thousands of products for your reference