Plastic Pcb Junction Box Project Led Light Box

Material: ABS material, with wall mount edge and led light hole
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Product Details

Main Parameter:

Abs Plastic Electricity Cable Box Junction Box for PCB

Model No.: HF-N-154

External size: 22*35*50 mm, white in stock

Customization service: drillings, powder coating, painting, silkscreen printing etc

N-154Outlet holes can customized depend on customer's design, please ask our customer service for more details.


Characteristics of ABS plastic enclosure

Comprehensive performance is good, the material is light, the impact strength is high, the chemical stability, the electrical performance is good, and it will not rust;

Good fusion with 372 plexiglass, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be chrome plated on the surface and painted.

With high impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, reinforcement, transparency etc。 

Liquidity is better than PMMA, PC, etc., good flexibility 。

Good insulation and low thermal conductivity

Generally good formability and coloring, low processing cost

OEM Service:

OEM plastic box

Company Profile

Processing customization Notice

All plastic shells are moulded. The size and product structure cannot be changed. When it comes to changing the size or changing the structure, you need to make new mold.

Conditions for opening plastic molds: 3D structure product drawings or physical samples of plastic products.

The adhesion of the ink printed on the plastic shell is stronger than that on the surface of the aluminum shell. The laser engraved products look burnt, so it is generally not recommended to use the laser engraving process on the plastic shell.

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