ABS material knowledge

- Nov 01, 2019-

I. what is ABS material

ABS material is the abbreviation of acrylonitrile / butadiene / styrene copolymer board. It is a kind of polymer wood-based board, which gathers the excellent properties of PS board, San board and BS board, such as wear resistance, oil resistance and impact resistance, and becomes a new material in the fields of food industry parts, building models and industry.

Characteristics of ABS materials

1. ABS material is very hard, so it has strong impact resistance, scratch resistance, dimensional stability and other characteristics, as well as moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, easy to process and other characteristics. It is a very ideal material in the plate industry.

2. ABS materials also have good light transmittance. Compared with acrylic materials with the same transparency, although they are more flexible, the price is relatively high, and the color is not as much as acrylic. Generally, they are beige, black and transparent.

3. ABS material is also very environmentally friendly. Because it uses environmentally friendly chemicals, it has no toxicity or smell, and it can also be insulated from electrical equipment. It is a very safe material.

4. ABS material is easy to deform in the high temperature environment, its deformation temperature is 93-118 ℃, but it has good performance in the low temperature environment - 40 ℃, so it is also a kind of material afraid of high temperature.

ABS material has a wide range of uses, such as handle, shell, suitcase, refrigerator liner, household appliances and other products need to be used. The application of ABS has brought great convenience and use demand for industrial production and life and various engineering fields.