Advantages of die-cast aluminum

- Mar 30, 2019-

Die-casting is a casting method in which molten alloy liquid is told to fill the steel mold cavity under the action of high pressure, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form castings. The main characteristics of die-casting different from other casting methods are high pressure and high speed.

Die - casting machine, die - casting alloy and die - casting mold are three important factors in die - casting production. The so-called die-casting process is to organically apply these three elements, so as to produce castings with good appearance, internal quality and size in accordance with the requirements specified in the pattern or agreement in a stable, rhythmic and efficient way.


  Die-cast aluminum advantage

  1. Die castings have high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness

  2. High casting strength and surface hardness

  3. The wide range of application

  4. High productivity, can achieve automated production

  5. High metal utilization