Aluminum Chassis Box

- Jan 10, 2020-

What is aluminum alloy case? 

In fact, aluminum alloy case is the main body case we see in our office computers. Most of the main body cases of computers are made of aluminum alloy material, which highlights its strong structure and excellent heat dissipation. In addition, it can also be used in industrial control, instrument and other electronic equipment industries, and is a relatively high-end and ideal box.

Production of aluminum alloy case

1. When making aluminum alloy case, we should first consider the height of aluminum alloy case. So we must first measure the length, width and height of the chassis, and then use aluminum alloy to make a general frame according to the height measured by ourselves, which must be stable. In order to facilitate the maintenance of computer mainframe problems, you can use some thinner aluminum alloy on the surface for easy removal and installation.

2. The strength of aluminum alloy is very high, but the weight is very light. So we should distinguish the galvanizing of aluminum alloy case and check whether it is made of aluminum alloy. When determining whether it is a real aluminum alloy chassis, it depends on whether it is suitable for the equipment requirements used by itself, and then according to the designed interface location, optical drive and other connections.

3. Considering the problem of heat dissipation of aluminum alloy case, when making aluminum alloy case, choose the position where the fan is installed to achieve the interference of heat dissipation and dust, so that the host can not be affected by other factors and stop working. In addition, the installation of fans will not cause noise problems.

4. Due to the light weight of the aluminum alloy case, it is recommended to place some heavy objects at the bottom of the aluminum alloy case to reduce the center of the host in order to avoid being easily damaged. And don't put too many things on the bottom of the aluminum alloy case to avoid the problem of slow heat dissipation.