Application of ABS

- Dec 19, 2020-

ABS plastics are mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Shell materials: widely used in the manufacture of telephone, mobile phone, television, washing machine, radio, tape recorder, photocopier, fax machine, toys, kitchen supplies and other products shell.

2. Machinery accessories: can be used to manufacture gears, pump impellers, bearings, handles, pipes, fittings, battery tanks and electric tool housing.

3. Automobile accessories: Specific varieties include steering wheel, dashboard, fan blade, fender, handle, armrest, etc. PC/ABS is commonly used as the backbone of the dashboard, and the surface is covered with a film made of PVC/ABS. In addition, ABS is widely used in interior decorations, such as glove boxes, sundry boxes, doorstep accessories and water tank masks.

4. Other products: all kinds of chemical anti-corrosion pipes, gold-plated products, stationery, toys, thermal insulation and shock-proof can also foam plastics, imitation wood products.