Bending process in sheet metal processing

- Dec 03, 2020-

When doing sheet metal processing, the main process is bending. Bending seems simple, but there are still many doorways and tricks. Here is an introduction to the various bending process techniques of sheet metal.

1.General bending 1: (R=0, θ=90°)


1. When 0¢T£0.3, K’=0

2. For iron materials: (such as GI, SGCC, SECC, CRS, SPTE, SUS, etc.)

a. When 0.3¢T¢1.5, K’=0.4T

b. When 1.5£T¢2.5, K’=0.35T

  c. When T/2.5, K’=0.3T

3. SUS T>0.3 K’=0.25T

4. For other non-ferrous metal materials such as AL, CU:

When T$0.3, K’=0.5T

Like below photo:

Bending metal

2.General bending 2: (R≠0 θ=90°)


K value takes the arc length of the neutral layer

1. When T¢1.5, K’=0.5T

2. When T/1.5, K’=0.4T

Note: when processing with a bending knife, R£2.0, R=0°


3.Z fold 1 (straight side segment difference).

1. When H/5T, when forming two times, calculate according to two 90° bends

2. When H¢5T, one time forming, L=A+B+K

K value depends on the parameter in the attachment

bending metal 3

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