Common common sense of metal stamping

- Jun 27, 2018-

Metal stamping is a process that makes use of punch and die to make stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and heterosexual materials deformed or broken to achieve a certain shape and size.

Five kinds of deformation of the stamping process:

Stereoscopic suppression: redistribution of volume and transfer of material to change the shape or thickness of billet.

Calendering: pressing flat blanks into hollow pieces of desired shape, or making the dimensions of hollow parts further changed.

Molding: the shape of the workpiece or billet is changed by local deformation of various properties. It belongs to forming deformation with undulation, flanging, necking, convex belly, coiling and shaping.

Bending: turning flat sheets into bending parts to further change the shape of the bending parts. Bending and curling

Tailoring: blanking: it is not closed or not closed, so that the part of the material is separated from the other part. Such methods include blanking, punching, trimming, cutting, cutting and cutting.

The above is some knowledge of metal stamping processing. Our company is dedicated to producing hardware shell processing manufacturers, we need to know.