Comparison of aluminum enclosures and other metal case

- Mar 15, 2018-

Because of the particularity of Aluminum Alloy this material leads to considerable consumer power supply of this kind of trend is poorly understood or even simply do not understand completely, in the face of the quality level of different manufacturers are all uniform under the banner of "Aluminum Alloy" sign of the books, some consumers at a loss.

Compared with other metals, aluminum shell has the advantages of light quality, high strength, good processability and good thermal conductivity. Therefore, in the power market, many manufacturers have developed and introduced the power driven by the "alloy enclosure" and "aluminum alloy enclosure", which is more and more favored by users of mobile applications.

The production of aluminum alloy enclosure needs higher level of production technology. Compared with decades of mature and stable die casting technology, the quality and output stability of aluminum alloy enclosure are poor, and the reject rate is relatively high, resulting in high price of magnesium aluminum alloy products.