Five surface treatment methods for aluminum alloy

- Jul 31, 2019-

There are various ways to oxidize. Before the surface treatment of aluminum tubes, different oxidation treatment processes should be selected according to their own requirements:

1. Anodizing - Produces a dense aluminum oxide film on the surface of the aluminum tube to re-react with air, improving the protective properties of the aluminum tube, while the oxide film isolates the internal free ions, making them incapable of conducting electricity.


2. Coloring after anodizing - various colors are formed on the oxide film to meet certain requirements, such as black parts of optical instruments, golden yellow medals, etc.


3. Chemical oxidation - used for general protection, processing technology is difficult and production cost is low.

4. Apply organic protective layer (organic coatings such as coatings) - used for external protection and decoration of equipment, usually operated on the basis of oxidation.

5. Conductive oxidation - the ability to enhance protection while maintaining the electrical conductivity of the aluminum tube.