Galvanization-History and etymology

- Nov 04, 2017-

The earliest known example of galvanized iron was encountered by Europeans on 17th-century Indian armor in the Royal Armouries Museum collection.[1] It was named in English via French from the name ofItalian scientist Luigi Galvani. Originally in the 19th century, the term "galvanizing" was used to describe the administration of electric shocks; this was also called Faradism. This usage is the origin of the metaphorical use of the verb "galvanize", such as to "galvanize into action" meaning stimulating a complacent person or group to take action.

In modern usage, the term "galvanizing" has largely come to be associated with zinc coatings, to the exclusion of other metals. Galvanic paint, a precursor to hot-dip galvanizing, was patented byStanislas Sorel, of Paris, in December 1837.