How to compare ABS and PC material

- Nov 14, 2019-

Generally, the waterproof connector is used together with the waterproof junction box. Regardless of the terminal block or other electrical components of the junction box, the waterproof connector is used for wiring to increase the waterproof performance.

The commonly used materials for waterproof junction boxes are divided into ABS/PC. We often use these two materials in combination, and in order to enhance product performance.

ABS is soft, but tough; PC is hard but brittle. If you are not afraid of damage, you can also use a sharp thing to scratch, easy to trace the ABS, not easy is the PC.

As the name suggests, ABS+PC material is an alloy of ABS and PC materials. Due to the impact resistance, high gloss, natural fire resistance and high heat resistance of PC materials, the waterproof junction box has improved impact resistance and high gloss. Fire resistance and heat resistance have also increased a little.