How to install facade socket (suitable for wall 86 boxes)

- Oct 31, 2018-

How to install facade socket (suitable for wall 86 boxes)

1. Connect cable to facade socket first

2. Put the wall wiring panel connected with the cable into the wall 86 box,be careful to keep the appropriate length for future maintenance,

3. Screw the wall wiring panel to 86 boxes with screws

PVC pipes and small project junction box should be connected by lockstitches in addition to the original box restrictions, 

and the abs plastic box enclosure electronic junction box  should be installed on the same horizontal datum line,

After the transmission line is completed, the reserved lines outside the line box should be placed in the junction box instrument enclosure in time,

Moreover, use the insulating strip to wrap the wire connector tightly or the wire connector is protected by the voltage cap, 

In addition, the owner can also observe if the installation of wires in the family use the tricolor line,