How to judge the quality of sheet metal chassis

- Aug 24, 2018-

How to judge the quality of sheet metal chassis?

1.Types of chassis: 

Switches, routers and other manufacturers choose the network type chassis, as the slot of this kind of chassis is better. 

If you buy it to put a server, you could buy a server cabinet,this cabinet has better heat dissipation.

2.International standards for cabinet:

U. 1U=1.75 inches. Usually it is 32U high 42U high. 

The height of servers and network products is also represented by U. So before customizing or purchasing, 

determine the room size, list all the equipment to be installed in the chassis and their complete measurement data: height, length, width, weight. 

The total height of these devices will ultimately determine how many devices can be loaded into the sheet metal chassis. 

3.Sheet metal Chassis material:

The custom-made chassis,you can feel the thick and thin ones by knocking on the steel plate with your fingers. 

And the bracket inside the chassis should be big, because it can bear more pressure, don't underestimate which switches, a dozen to be plus, it is several times heavier,

4.Sheet metal Chassis spray paint:

A qualified cabinet, all steel needs to be sprayed, and spray paint must be uniform, so that good rust, dust and so on.

5.Sheet metal chassis glass:

Chassis glass must be thicker, but also pay attention to whether there are cracks around the glass, if there are cracks, 

it means there are hidden dangers, so should also pay attention to whether difficult.

6.Sheet metal chassis accessories:

Since the installation includes network cables, telecommunications cables, and power cables, 

it is necessary to purchase hook and loop belts or toothed belts to effectively secure the cable in an orderly manner in the cabinet. 

It would be great if the cabinet had a cable management module so that the cable could be directly fixed to the vertical mounting rail.

7.Sheet metal chassis heat dissipation:

Heat dissipation, estimate how much heat the equipment has, generally speaking, 

the chassis has two to four fans, more fans are more beneficial. 

The side wall fans should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet because the rear part of the equipment generates most of the heat. 

Generally speaking, the heat dissipation of large capacity cabinets will be better.

8.Sheet metal chassis layout:

Generally speaking, there are more baffles, and there are heat dissipating holes, some of the iron sheet used to fix the cable to be edged to prevent damage to the cable.

9.Sheet metal chassis prices:

Price is always a key consideration, but it can not sacrifice important attributes for it. 

It is necessary to choose the best cabinet with the best price performance. 

The server and peripherals are changed very quickly, 

but good cabinets take a long time. 

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the cabinet, the key is to compare several recognized performance indicators.

10.Sheet metal chassis safety:

The first consideration should be safety. Loading critical IT devices into lockable cabinets makes it easier for network administrators to open them, 

this also could limitthe number of people who can open them.

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