How to maintain an aluminum enclosure in daily use?

- Mar 24, 2018-

Aluminum enclosure is to Aluminum Alloy as enclosure material, for convenient processing, high flexibility, high grade, can effectively improve the added value of the products, can be widely used in the electronics industry, including aluminum enclosure and aluminum box. How to carry out the daily maintenance of the aluminum enclosure?

First of all to the environment based on the use of windows and doors, Aluminum Alloy regular regular cleaning of aluminum box when subjected to erosion and pollution, should as soon as possible time to clean up, after the dust accumulated under the in out, can use a soft cloth with alcohol on a point in the scrub, finally in the use of water for cleaning.

When you are cleaning, you can also use warm water containing lubricant or neutral detergent, but be careful not to wipe the aluminum case with acidic or alkaline cleaning agent, which will cause damage to the aluminum shell.

It should also be noted that it is better to use soft cloth or towel when using the scrubbing rate section shell, and not to use corundum powder or sandpaper and wire brush or other hard material to wipe the aluminum case.