How to see the processing effect of electronic sheet metal chassis

- Aug 20, 2018-

How to see the processing effect of electronic sheet metal chassis


Look at the steel plate, the steel plate must be thick, 

2 Tap with your fingers, you can feel which thick which thin.

a qualified cabinet, all the steel products are required to spray paint, 

  and spray paint must be uniform, so that could be anti-rust, anti-dust and so on.

3.Look at the structure planning, generally speaking, more baffles, and has a cooling hole, some used to fix the wire to wrap around the iron sheet to prevent damage to the cable. 

4.The side wall fans should be installed on the rear wall of the cabinet, because most of the heat occurs at the back of the device.

5.Look at accessories, since the device contains network cables, telecommunications cables and power cables, 

  it require to purchase hook and loop belt or belt teeth to effectively fix the cable in an orderly manner in the cabinet. 

  It would be nice to assume that the cabinet has a cable management module that allows the cable to be directly fixed to the straight rail.

6.Look at the glass, the glass must be a bit thicker, also should pay attention to the glass around whether there are cracks, it there are cracks, it means there are hidden dangers, 

  so it should be careful whether tie hands.

7.Look at the function: the first thing to think about is the safety.

8.Look at the heat dissipation and estimate how much heat your equipment has. 

  Generally speaking, there are two or four fans on the top of the cabinet.

  There are also some screws and nuts for fixing the rack.