Knowledge to buy aluminum products

- Apr 04, 2018-

Nowadays, the shell materials of many electronic products are mainly aluminum profiles, and aluminum profile products have become one of the mainstream products of the electronics industry. 

Aluminum products and a small amount of titanium and magnesium are added together. We usually call it Al Ti Mg alloy. The brand manufacturers use aluminum ingot and titanium magnesium together when they make electronic products to make aluminum shell, and then extrusion molding. 

In order to reduce the cost, some small factories add two percent, thirty of the recycled aluminum to make aluminum shell remolding. The strength, toughness, and processing properties of the products are all compared. Poor, and because of the addition of recycled aluminum, the alloy proportion of its material has changed, and the color will not reach the standard when the surface is oxidized. The increase in more iron aluminum (in weight) or leavening agent (thickening), this profile is the worst

At present, the wall of the aluminum profile enclosure is generally in 0.6~2.0mm, and the general thickness is strong and durable in the border of 1.2mm and above the national standard, and greatly strengthens the load-bearing capacity. The ability to resist bending and deformability is also strengthened, and it will not shake when the door is more than 2m. 1.2mm below the material bearing, bending performance will be discounted, especially the material below 1.0mm, the surface is easily deformed because of bumps, so the high quality aluminum shell is generally very thick.