PC Material-02

- Oct 17, 2017-

1, Optical instrument wide wave light, as a kind of good transparent performance engineering plastics, PC as substrate using a large number of Cd in the world, not only can be prepared by CD, VCD, DVD disk, substrate can also be suitable for high density recording optical disc, especially the application of grafting PC with styrene copolymer generated excellent. PC sheets are especially suitable for making glasses lenses, and the introduction of silica groups into PC molecular chains can improve their hardness and scratch resistance.

2, PC is widely used in the field of communication and telecommunication equipment because of its good electrical insulation performance.

3, Surface metallization of automotive components, PC surface metallization, has a good metal luster and high strength, widely used in various automotive components.

4, The anti cracking embrittlement of medical devices, PC has many excellent properties and has been used in medical equipment, because of its poor chemical resistance, easy to cause stress cracking in the presence of chemicals, such as the application to solve the high temperature disinfection leads to aging crack PC in artificial dialyzer, artificial lung and other medical equipment. To overcome these shortcomings, the application of PC in medical devices can be expanded rapidly.

Polycarbonate film and sheet of PC FILM & SHEET, the main ingredients of imported polycarbonate (PC) resin can be used in optics, control panel, control panel, liquid crystal display window, chrome card, car dashboard label, membrane switch, capacitor medium, tape, color tape etc..