Polishing Anodizing

- Nov 25, 2017-

Polishing refers to the mechanical, chemical, electrochemical methods to make the surface of the metal mirror gloss, in order to improve the product decoration, protection ability. Oxidation is the formation of a transparent, dense protective film on the metal surface by chemical and electrochemical methods, in order to improve the protection performance, protection ability and hardness of the product.

The oxidation of the finished product can not only greatly improve the protection ability, but also improve the decorative performance and friction resistance. For example, if the color is treated on the basis of polishing and oxidation, the surface of various colors can be obtained, and the appearance of the product can be diversified, and the practical value and the commodity value are greatly improved.

Polishing oxidation has the advantages of low cost and good performance. It is mainly used in the surface treatment of aluminum products.