Processing of HDMI distributor hardware shell

- Jul 13, 2018-

Name of goods: HDMI distributor shell

Commodity size: 88*482.6*250mm

Commodity brand: HONGFA

Commodity number: HF-B-39

Color of goods: Black

Material composition: Iron and aluminum composite shell

The design of hardware shell must help improve the utilization ratio of metal materials, reduce the varieties and specifications of materials, and reduce material consumption as far as possible. As far as possible, the parts can be made without waste and less waste. 

The design of the hardware shell must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure. It is beneficial to simplifying the structure of the mold and simplifying the number of processes. That is to use the least and simple stamping process to complete the processing of the whole parts, reduce the processing by other methods, and be advantageous to the stamping operation, and facilitate the organization to realize mechanization and automation production, in order to improve work. Dynamic productivity.

19 inch rack mount case.jpg