Raspberry PI and enclosure

- Jul 03, 2020-

Now the Raspberry PI product is hot selling in oversea market,and many customers are in the marketing for case of raspberry pi.

Raspberry PI is a credit card-sized microcomputer whose system is based on Linux.The SD/MicroSD card is used as the memory hard disk. There are 1/2/4 USB ports and a 10/100 Ethernet port (the A type has no network port) around the card main board. It can connect the keyboard, mouse and network cable, and has video analog signals. TV output interface and HDMI high-definition video output interface, the above components are all integrated on a motherboard that is only slightly larger than a credit card, with all the basic functions of a PC. Just connect the TV and keyboard, you can execute e-forms, text, etc. Processing, playing games, playing high-definition video and many other functions. Raspberry Pi B only provides a computer board without memory, power supply, keyboard, case or cable.

Raspberry PI have A and B types,the difference is connector.Usually it with similar size,and function.so the enclosure for raspberry pi also a little difference.

There're different case for raspberry pi,plastic case,aluminum case etc.We can make it according to customers' design,we also have some standard cases.

So if you are on the market for the raspberry pi case,please contact us by email,or leave message on line.