Special manufacturing methods for aluminum extrusion enclosure

- Aug 20, 2018-

Special manufacturing methods for aluminum extrusion enclosure,

With the principle of honest and quality service first, 

everyone who has won a good reputation in the industry as an extruder of aluminum extrusion enclosure all knows that, 

it is not worthwhile and should not happen to scrap industrial aluminum profiles under bending conditions.

It can be avoided. 

How to reduce or avoid bending due to bending? 

Extrusion straightening: straightening is a very serious bending part caused by industrial aluminum extrusion enclosure, 

straightening workers must pay attention to the intensity of straightening.

If the force is too large, it may produce deformation, closing, orange peel and so on. 

If the force is too small, it will cause the big aluminum extrusion enclosure to be not straight and bend. 

Extrusion and framing: this part is also very important. 

After cutting the length,aluminum extrusion enclosure will be framed, 

this fashion framer should pay attention to: this material is big or small, 

is the material with pipe or flat die pulled out? Generally speaking, 

it is not easy to bend the material at both ends of the material and the tube.

But the material pulled out of the small material and the flat die, 

lifting both ends is easy to cause bending, this should be from the two ends to the middle of the frame lifting. 

However, some industrial aluminum extrusion enclosure are not good enough, 

for example: louvers, windows, covers and so on.

This material must be placed on the aged industrial aluminum and then lifted into the frame. 

Surface treatment on the shelf: the billet after aging, the hardness has reached the standard, industrial aluminum profiles are not so easy to bend, 

but on the shelf or pay attention to the two ends of the material when lifting,

As far as possible to avoid up and down strong fluctuations, 

strong fluctuations will also be on the aging of industrial aluminum profiles caused by certain bending. 

The company mainly produces LED aluminum extrusion enclosure, mainly: indoor and outdoor full-color display box, advertising screen box, 

display die casting box,

Bar screen box, curtain screen box, floor screen, rental screen box, grid screen box, arc screen box, etc., 

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The company has its own oxidation, polishing, wire drawing, sandblasting, screen printing, spraying workshop, 

in order to achieve the goal of a good product, 

the company has introduced a number of automated production equipment, automated assembly lines and testing equipment.