Surface treatment for sheet metal case

- Oct 13, 2020-

Sheet metal case is popular because of its flexibility and good processability.More and more products use the sheet metal for housing.

When you design a sheet metal case,and want to make it's importance to choose the correct surface treatment.

There're different material for metal case,so the surface usually treatment according to the material of the case.

If you design an aluminum case,the first choice is anodized,since anodized with nice color,scratch resistant,anti-corrosion,antistatic, not easy to absorb dust, easy to clean etc.

If you use steel plate,we suggest use powder coating.

Because the surface of cast iron parts is relatively rough, spray paint cannot be leveled to make up for this defect, and the thickness of spray powder is relatively thick, which can effectively fill and repair some defects of the parts themselves;

And There are many pinholes in iron castings, and it is easy to produce pinholes or bubbles when spraying paint. If you use thermal spraying powder at proper temperature, this defect will be improved a lot;Cast iron parts are sprayed to resist corrosion, no primer or thinner is needed;

The powder spray coating has excellent appearance quality, good adhesion, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and high wear resistance

There're also some other surface treatment,such as electroplate,painting etc.

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