The Characteristic of SS304 when processing

- Sep 04, 2020-

When custom want to make some sheet metal case for electronic device,they usually will consider the SS304 material.The SS304 plate have some advantage when compared with other material,but also the cost is higher.So what's the characteristic of SS304 when processing?

Because 304 stainless steel itself has a high yield point and high hardness, the effect of cold work hardening is obvious. The characteristic of 304 stainless steel plate during bending is that its thermal conductivity is lower than that of ordinary low carbon steel, and its elongation is low, resulting in the required deformation force of the plate. Compared with carbon steel, stainless steel sheet has a strong rebound tendency when bending processing, and its elongation rate is also lower than that of carbon steel. Therefore, the bending angle R of stainless steel workpieces is higher than that of carbon steel during bending.

Otherwise, there will be the possibility of cracks. Because 304 stainless steel plate has high hardness and significant cold work hardening effect, it is necessary to choose tool steel with heat treatment hardness above 60HRC when selecting bending tools. Its surface roughness is an order of magnitude higher than that of carbon steel bending tools.

According to the above characteristics, generally speaking, the thicker the stainless steel plate per unit size, the greater the bending force required, and as the plate thickness increases, the bending force margin should be stronger when selecting bending equipment. In the unit size, the higher the tensile strength of the board, the lower the elongation, the greater the bending force required, the greater the bending angle.

Hope this can help you when choose the SS304 for your case.