The method of checking the processing effect of the sheet metal box

- Dec 25, 2017-

A look at the steel plate, the steel plate must be thick, the goods are compared to the three, you use your fingers to knock, you can feel what thickness is thinner.

Two see spray paint, a qualified cabinet, all the steel needs to spray paint, and spray paint must be uniform, so that outstanding rust, dust, and so on.

Three look at the framework planning, generally speaking, the baffle is more, and has a heat dissipation hole, some of the wire used to fix the wire and cable to protect the cable. The side wall fan should be installed in the rear wall of the cabinet, because most of the heat is occurring in the rear of the equipment.

Four, look at accessories. Because the device contains network cable, telecommunication cable and power cable, it is necessary to purchase the belt of hook ring belt or toothed belt to effectively fix cables in the cabinet. It is better to assume that the cabinet has a cable management module to make the cable fixed directly in the straight device rail.

Five see the glass, the glass must be a little thick, the surrounding glass should also pay attention to is not assumed to have cracks, cracks, it means that there are hidden dangers, and to pay attention to is not difficult to handle.

Six look at the function: the earliest thought should be security.

Seven see heat, your estimate of the calorific value of the equipment are, in general, the top of the cabinet has two to four fans, the fans are The more, the better.. There are also some screws, nuts and so on which are used to fix the frame. For days after the expansion brought trouble fittings.