The numerical control processing procedure is based on what to divide

- Jul 19, 2018-

The classification of NC machining processes can generally be carried out in the following ways:

(1) cutter centralized sorting method is to divide the working procedure according to the tool used, and finish all the parts that can be finished on the part with the same cutter. Other parts that can be completed by using the second knife and the third one. This reduces the number of tool changer, compresses the idle time and reduces unnecessary positioning error.

(2) the part sequence method of NC machining parts: for parts with many processing contents, the machining parts can be divided into several parts, such as internal shape, shape, surface or plane, etc. In general, the plane, the positioning surface and the post processing hole are first processed; the simple geometry is processed first, then the complex geometry is processed; the parts with lower precision are first processed, and the higher parts are required for the reprocessing precision.

(3) the coarse and fine processing classification method: for the parts which are easily deformed by NC machining, the deformation which may occur after the rough machining is required to be shaped, so in general, the process should be separated for coarse and fine processing.