The three most important steps in a stamping factory

- Mar 17, 2018-

Usually, the three most important steps of a stamping factory are shearing, punching / cutting and folding.

Stamping is sometimes tied for gold, the word comes from English platemetal, is generally some sheet metal stamping die by hand, produce plastic deformation, the formation of the desired shape and size, and further to form more complex parts through a small welding or machining, such as chimney, common family tin furnace, car plates are the pieces of shell.

The processing of stamping parts is called sheet metal processing. For example, the specific use of sheet metal production of chimney, bucket, tank Youhu, ventilation pipe, elbow reducer, park days, funnel-shaped, the main process is shear, bending, bending, buckling edge welding, riveting, requires a certain knowledge of geometry.