What are the configurations of the equipment processed by CNC computer gongs?

- Dec 28, 2017-

1. The insurance device. It is used to improve the working reliability of machine tools. When a component failure or overload, insurance device, quickly stop equipment or transferred to no-load operation. Such as travel limit device, friction clutch and so on.

2. Protection device. It is used to isolate the rotating parts of the operator and the machine equipment, the charged part, and the harmful substances produced during the processing. Such as belt cover, gear cover, electrical cover, iron fillet, protection railing and so on.

3 signal device. It is used to indicate the operation of machine equipment, or to send out signals such as color and sound when the operation of machine equipment is abnormal. It reminds operators to take urgent measures to deal with them. Such as lights, buzzer, bell etc..

4. Interlocking device. It is used to control the operation sequence of machine tools and avoid accidents with uncoordinated movements. If the lathe rod and the light rod can not act at the same time, all the electrical or mechanical interlocking devices should be installed to control them.