What are the maintenance methods of extruded aluminum profile enclosure for electronic?

- Oct 17, 2018-

What are the maintenance methods of extruded aluminum profile enclosure for electronic?

Machinability of aluminum housing is excellent,

among various deformed and cast aluminium alloys, and in various states after the production of these alloys,

Machining characteristics vary considerably, which requires special machine tools or techniques. 

do you know how to maintain the extruded aluminum profile enclosure for electronic?

1.Do not touch the measuring surface with your hands, because moist dirt such as sweat on your hands can contaminate the measuring surface and make it rusty. 

Measuring tools should not be mixed with other tools and metal materials to avoid damaging the measuring tools,

2.After using the measuring tool, clean the surface stains, aluminum scraps, loosen the fastening device, when long-term (more than a month) not used, 

coat rust-proof oil on the measuring surface.

When measuring tools are not in use, they should be put into the protective box. 

It is better to use the measuring tools professionally, and do a good job of the annual review records of measuring tools tested by authoritative units

3.The storage place of measuring instruments should be kept clean, dry, non-vibration, non-corrosive gas, 

and away from the place where the temperature varies widely or where the magnetic field exists. 

The measuring tools stored in the measuring box should be clean and dry, and no other materials are allowed to be stored

4.When there are burrs on the surface of the workpiece, it is necessary to remove the net burrs, and measure them. Otherwise, 

it will wear the measuring tool and affect the accuracy of the measurement results,

5.Do not rub the surface of measuring tools, measuring surfaces and grooved lines with oilstone and abrasive cloth, and do not disassemble, 

modify or repair measuring tools without authorization,

6.Do not use the tip of the measuring claw of the caliper as a needle, compass or other tool. Do not twist the two claws or use the measuring tool as a card,