What are the uses of aluminum enclosure

- Jul 24, 2019-

1. The density of aluminum is very small, only 2.7 g/cm. These aluminum alloys are widely used in the production of airplanes, cars, trains, boats, etc.

2, The good electrical conductivity of aluminum, aluminum oxide film is not only corrosion-resistant, and has certain insulation, so aluminum has a wide range of uses in the electrical appliance industry, wire and cable industry and the radio industry.

3, Aluminum is a good conductor of heat, its thermal conductivity can be three times larger than that of iron. Industrially, aluminum can be used to make various heat exchangers, heat dissipation materials and cookware.

extruded aluminum enclosure box.jpg

4. Aluminum has good ductility, can be made into aluminum wire, aluminum strip, and can roll various aluminum products.