What are the working procedures of sheet metal chassis shell processing?

- Feb 26, 2021-

Sheet metal chassis shell processing is a kind of cold processing technology for metal sheet, including cutting, stamping, cutting, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming and other processes. This process has the characteristics of high speed, low cost and high strength. It can produce large-scale processed sheet metal chassis shell parts with high precision.

The shearing machine used for processing metal plate chassis shell of sheet metal chassis shell is to cut the metal plate into the required shape. The precision of this technology is general, there will be burr when cutting, but the processing cost is low. The unfolding dimension of the part needs to be calculated in the shearing process. The unfolding dimension is related to the bending radius, bending angle, plate and thickness.

Stamping is a kind of stamping process in the process of sheet metal chassis shell, which is to further process and shape the material after cutting. Stamping requires a variety of tools. Ordinary grinding machine has round hole, long round hole and boss, which has high stamping accuracy. Processed sheet metal parts are very beautiful.

Folding is bending, using bending machine or bending machine for bending forming, through the bending machine on the knife and under the knife on the metal plate for cold pressing, so that its deformation and obtain the desired shape. Bending is the last step in sheet metal forming.

Cutting is laser cutting. When cutting materials that can not be removed by cutting and stamping process, or the plate with high hardness is easy to damage grinding tools, such as fillet, or there is no ready-made grinding tools to punch into the required shape, laser cutting can be used to complete the forming of formed materials before bending. This machining method has high precision, no burr and can cut any figure.

Welding is the process of bending and forming metal parts. After welding, its strength will increase.

The above is the whole process of sheet metal chassis shell processing