What is the advantages and characteristics of extruded aluminum enclosure profiles?

- Aug 21, 2018-

What is the advantages and characteristics of extruded aluminum enclosure profiles?

After oxidation,the industrial aluminum enclosure profiles's surface will be very beautiful,and dirt-resistant, 

once coated with oil is very easy to clean, 

when it is assembled into products, 

according to different load-bearing different specifications of aluminum enclosure profiles, 

and using supporting aluminum profile accessories, 

without welding, more environmentally friendly, also the installation, disassembly, portability and removal is extremely more convenient.

The industrial aluminum enclosure profiles are widely used and highly versatile. 

They are famous for their environmental protection, convenient assembly and disassembly, time and money saving. 

It has a wide variety of specifications, suitable for various types of mechanical devices,

it is no need to weld, convenient to adjust the size, easy to change the structure; tolerant requirements for dimensional, 

high requirements for surface finish;convenient and efficient for assembly work with high productivity; 

surface anodized treatment, corrosion resistance, no spraying, beautiful and generous, can improve product added value.

Suitable for application: production line, production line operating table, office partition, screen, industrial fence, various frameworks, display shelves, shelves, 

mechanical dust-proof sealing cover, etc.

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