What is the change once the long term use of extruded profile molds?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Any tool will wear out during long-term use, we have already happened problem with the aluminum extrusion mould many times.

Today, we talk about this problem, the aluminum profile is produced by extrusion molding of a solid aluminum alloy material by high temperature softening in a cavity, and then, we get a perfect extruded aluminum enclosure. As following picture showing, it is a raw material aluminum box.


However, the extrusion again and again causes the core to become smaller and the cavity to become larger, resulting in an increase in the wall thickness of the aluminum profile and an increase in the internal dimensions of the aluminum casing. 

Therefore, there are some differences in the internal dimensions of different batches of aluminum shells. Therefore, we need to use PCB boards and related accessories to match the latest aluminum profile housings.

This is very important, and a safe method.

At last, hope this method can help you avoid this problem.