What is the difference between ordinary waterproof box and cast aluminium waterproof box?

- Oct 12, 2019-

The general waterproof junction box is injection moulded by ABS engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of dust proof, waterproof, anticorrosion, insulation and shock resistance. The upper cover fastening screw is designed outside the waterproof tank to make it have higher protection level. The internal installation points provide the greatest convenience for the installation of tracks, circuit boards, power modules and expansion boards. It is convenient for external installation of equipment, and the four corners of the waterproof junction box. There are concealed screw holes left. PC transparent top cover can be selected for some models. As many as dozens of sizes and specifications can provide solutions for petrochemical plants, wharfs, sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, gardens, residential lighting, rail transit, etc.

Cast aluminium waterproof junction box is formed by die casting of silicon aluminium alloy (AlSi12). The application of phosphating spraying surface treatment technology makes the cast aluminium waterproof box have strong environmental adaptability. Because of the characteristics of metal itself, compared with similar plastic junction boxes, cast aluminium junction boxes also have the characteristics of heat dissipation, anti-static, flame retardant and so on. - 60 C-130 C static working temperature can better adapt to the high and low temperature environment of equipment. Most products are equipped with metal hanging feet to facilitate the wall fixing of equipment, the bottom of the installation platform is pre-fabricated threads for component installation, internal security. Installation point can also be used for grounding of electrical equipment housing.