Why the LED mainstream accessories is aluminum extrusion profile enclosure?

- Oct 15, 2018-

Why the LED mainstream accessories is aluminum extrusion profile enclosure?

Nowadays, the shell material of many electronic products is mainly aluminum enclosure. 

Aluminum extrusion profile enclosure products have become one of the mainstream products in the electronic industry. 

Why does aluminum extrusion profile enclosure become LED mainstream accessories? 

Here are the main reasons,

1.Aluminum density is very small, 2.7g/cm, only 35% of steel. This makes the container easy to realize lightweight. 

An overview of aluminium naturally produces a dense film of aluminium oxide, a colorless film that avoids further oxidation,

2.Aluminum is non-toxic, tasteless and suitable for food packaging,

3.The aluminum profile is high in color, easy to stain, and effective in printing,

4.The open lid opening function made of aluminum material is better than that of tin plate,

5.Aluminum has excellent reflective and conductive functions for light and heat, 

and can advance the efficacy of heating and sterilization of canned food and low-temperature disposal,

6.The mechanical properties of aluminum can remain unchanged at low temperatures, which is more suitable for frozen food packaging,

7.The composite film made of aluminum foil is completely airtight and opaque. It can protect the food inside. 

Aluminum foil can also advance the strength of aluminum plastic composite membrane,

8.Waste can be accepted and re-manipulated, which can save energy and prevent the public hazards caused by destruction, 

and meet the requirements of environmental protection,

9.Aluminum extrusion profile enclosure is elegant and with good deformability,

10.Aluminum alloy profile is with strong enough strength , in the thickness of CAN PDU aluminum profile thickness of 1.7 mm, 

so long will not change shape, can do at will, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters or longer specifications, very innocent,

11.Aluminum material has achieved its high-grade fireproof and explosion-proof function,

12.Aluminum extrusion profile enclosure is one of the components which are less oxidizable in metal components, and has long service life,