1U/2U/3U Rackmount Case Ordering Processing

- May 21, 2019-

Hongfa Shunda mould company is a professional manufacturer of metal enclosure,and accept custom service.

Recently,many customers asked for 1u,2u,3u etc such rackmount cases.and asked us to quote the price.So there's a question,how to custom an 19inch rackmount case?There're some information that customers must supply before we quote the price.

  1. What material of the rackmount case?We have aluminum,iron,steel etc. metal sheet for choice.Different material with different price,so it is important to confirm the material first. 

  2. What size of the case?Usually the height and the width of rackmount case is constant,but the length can be customized.Different customer have different requirement according to their products.

  3. Thickness of the plate you want to use.

  4. The surface treatment of the case and the color.

  5. The inner structure of the case.That is the way how to fasten your PCB board on the case.

  6. Cut holes.Customers usually ask to cut diffferent holes on the panels for different function.

  7. The detail size drawing.It's necessary for quote and for make the products.

So if you want to custom a rackmount case,please show us these information first.all these information are related to the price.

Please contact for more information now!